A Global Partnership Declaration

The Global Challenges Forum Foundation



16 November 2020

“Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. ... Tolerance, the virtue that makes peace possible, contributes to the replacement of the culture of war by a culture of peace.”
Article 1.1 United Nations Declaration of Principles on Tolerance

    On the occasion of the United Nation’s designated “International Day for Tolerance”, November 16, 2020, and answering the call of H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh’s “Open Letter to America and China from an Arab Friend” in order to establish a Global Partnership for the 21st Century, this Declaration is being offered for endorsement by the global citizens of all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages:

“To foster better ties between the United States, China, and other nations to enhance global resilience in the 21st Century, the Global Challenges Forum Foundation offers to partner with the United Nations to host in Geneva, Switzerland in the coming year the informal convening of wise leaders from both nations together with invited advisors from other nations to fashion a sharable discourse and agenda for future collaboration.

Mindful of the historic example of Anson Burlingame we will carry forth our endeavors to promote international tolerance, sustainable development, and win-win cooperation at all levels and amongst all peoples.  

We seek participants to co-develop Burlingame Principles for global partnership in the 21st Century, reaffirming the goals and objectives of the United Nations, and we will carry out this initiative in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact.  

We call upon nations, international organizations, global corporations, foundations, global citizens and all enablers of this vision to join in common cause for a better tomorrow.”  

       TALAL ABU GHAZALEH                       WALTER L. CHRISTMAN
Founder and Honorary Chairman               Co-Founder and Chairman